mural wallpaper

In 2019, after painting a lot of children’s murals in a lot of beautiful houses, I decided to start something new. I was getting requests for murals from far afield and there were neither hours in a day, nor enough of me, to take them all on, but it seemed a shame to let them go. I was also having a lot of ideas for a new kind of mural design which I was dying to try out. So I tentatively peered my head into the world of mural wallpaper - and there I found a heavenly land of unlimited possibilities!


My initial tests showed me it was possible to achieve a print quality I had never even dreamt of. The image was so crisp and clear, the colours were amazing and the texture was just like a wall painted with matt emulsion.

So I set myself a challenge: I decided to produce a mural wallpaper which looked exactly like a hand-painted mural. All the brush strokes, the faint pencil lines, the tiny mistakes and corrections which show that something was really painted by hand with great care and effort- they all had to be there, and they had to look correct when you studied it at very close range, as you might with a real mural.

What I didn’t realise was that this would not be at all easy! There were obstacles aplenty. It took six months to produce a printable wallpaper I was happy with. I disappeared from the world for a while. But I did it! And I’m incredibly proud of the result.

Every personalised wall mural I send out is a one-off print to fit exactly your wall dimensions, and, just like a hand-painted mural, all the designs can incorporate your child’s name. I can even move things around to accommodate a door or a pesky wall socket. In the end it feels very very close to a hand-painted mural but it suits a smaller budget (think Couture vs Ready to Wear) and, unlike me, it can go anywhere in the WORLD. That bit I find really exciting!


The day I hung my first finished wallpaper I was so incredibly happy. I made a one minute film to chronicle the path from first sketch to final product, omitting all the tedious technical hitches I’d met along the way because, all of a sudden, it was as if they had never happened… And here it is: