I designed this cloud shelf for a three year old girl's bedroom. There are actually three in the room, each one with a different colour cloud - pink, blue and lemon. They're perfect for storing forward-facing books above a bed, but after dark they also double up beautifully as a night light. This idea occurred to me after I made the shelf. I popped some battery-powered fairy lights in, and couldn't believe how great the shadows were, and how the front cloud becomes a silhouette. It's brilliant when you set out to make one thing and then realise you've made something else.


Children's rooms need lots of hooks and there's no reason why they should be boring! The set of hooks you can see below I made for Julian, to match his woodland mural. I painted the ends of each hook to make them look as if they are real branches. I'm told he's now really keen on hanging up his coat.


I made this tissue box for Jake's room, to match his 'Planes and hot air balloons' mural. The stars exactly match the rug and curtains.

These keepsake boxes are hand-made to order by a brilliant carpenter and hand-painted by me. I designed them as a personalised gift for a new baby, but they also make a lovely accessory to a nursery, as I can paint them to match the theme of the room.